Covid-19 Resources and downloads

Please find below the pre-appointment screening form and latest clinic privacy policy. 

If you are unable to download these please email me and I will email them to you.


1.     Are you or a member of your household experiencing symptoms of COVID-19? 

·       New and persistent cough

·       Temperature

·       Lethargy

·       Loss of or change taste or smell 

2.     Have you or a member of your household been tested positive for COVID-19? 

3.     Are you or any member of your household in the high risk/clinically extremely vulnerable category? 

Please be aware that the virus can be contagious for 2-3 days before the onset of symptoms. If you begin symptoms within 2-3 days after your appointment, please notify me immediately so that guidelines can be followed to minimize spread. Thank you.




Undertaken a risk assessment

See Doc1 COVID-19 Risk Assessment (available on request).

To be reviewed on change of government guidance.


Patients will be required to complete the COVID-19 Pre-appointment screening form prior to each appointment and may need to confirm their answers again before entering the clinic. The questionnaire asks simple questions about whether you have had any COVID-19 symptoms or may have come into contact with anyone who has.

Heightened cleaning regimes

The couch cover has been removed so that it is wipeable and pillows are now covered in wipeable cases.


The couch, pillows, desk, chairs, door handles, toilet, basin area and any other surfaces that may be touched during a patient visit will be sanitized between each appointment.


All clinic area floors will be steam mopped at the end of each session or after every 5 patients, whichever is sooner.

Increased protection measures

To minimize droplet dispersal, air coolers and fans will no longer be used.


The treatment room windows, which are dual aspect, will be opened during a treatment whenever the temperature allows to provide good aeration. If the temperature will not allow this, they will be opened for a minimum of 15 minutes between each appointment.


At the end of each session all windows, in all clinic areas will be opened for a minimum of 20 minutes


Towelling hand towels in the toilet have been replaced by single use paper hand towels.


Hand washing facilities and appropriate hand sanitizer gel is available to all patients at all times.


The osteopath will be wearing appropriate PPE and will be bare from the elbows down to allow for good hand and forearm hygiene. Patients are free to wear their own PPE.


Payment can still be made by cash, cheque, BACS, debit card or credit card. Change given will come from a source that has not been handled for at least 72 hours and cash taken will be not be touched by the osteopath. Contactless card payment is available up to £45 and the card machine will be sanitized after each use.

Distancing measures

All patients will be triaged to determine if a face to face consultation is appropriate, thus minimizing the clinic traffic.


There will be a minimum gap of 15 minutes between appointments to allow time for ventilation and cleaning.


Patients are asked not to arrive early for their appointment


Patients are asked to phone from outside or failing that, to knock on the window to announce their arrival and await the osteopath to open the door.


The osteopath will collect the patient at the front door and see them out at the end. No other members of staff/colleagues will be present.


In the treatment room the furniture has been re-arranged to allow for social distancing to be maintained for as long as is possible during face to face consultations.

Extra training

The osteopath has learned the correct procedures to follow with regard to:

·         Donning and doffing PPE

·         Disposal of PPE and other clinical waste

·         Hand washing

·         Using hand sanitisers

Provision of remote/telehealth consultations

Wherever possible, face to face consultations will be replaced by a telephone/video consultation.

If a face to face consult is deemed appropriate, then wherever possible, an arrangement will be made for the initial case history or follow up update to be taken over the phone to limit the amount of patient/practitioner contact time.


Document last updated 28/05/20